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I love Triscuits, they’re such a great vehicle for any topping.  My husband eats these more than I do but since the box is around the house so much, I was happy to find a 1982 ad with the old design.  I forgot how different the package used to look.
Even thought the box on the left is from 1982, there’s something kind of 50’s or 60’s looking  about it to me.  Its probably the lettering used for “Triscuit” and the Nabisco logo always reminded me of a 50’s space-related thing like a helmet with an antenna or a UFO or something.  The old box has a mostly yellow background color divided diagonally with white and the red logo placement in the corner works well with that layout.  I really like the font used for “Triscuit” and the red dots on the “i”s work nicely.  This is kind of  a grainy image (that was the best I could make it look) but still the Triscuit and cheese display looks okay.  I enjoy the layout of the diagonalness of the colors and the text more so I don’t know if it would matter what image they have for the serving suggestion.
The current version looks more “grown up”.  Maybe the serving suggestion looks more like a portait and there are more earthtones for the background colors.  Nothing is diagonal except the Nabisco logo, which is still in the upper left corner, although it’s been considerably shrunk.  Also, they’re not “wafers” anymore, they’re “crackers”.  And they’re not “whole wheat”, they’re “whole grain”.
The new font used for “Triscuit” itself is okay but I’m not really digging the outer glow and I wish they didn’t replace the dots with squares.  They’re also matured into using a capital “T”.  In comparison, the older title, between the font and the slant, looks “sportier” and more friendly.  Another addition to the new box is the paint stripe (or whatever texture that is) with the variety “Original”.  I think that works well because since everything seems to have 20 varieties of itself now, it could be easy to unpack your groceries and realize you have “Garden Herb Calcium Enriched with a Hint of Lime” flavor if you’re not paying close attention.

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  1. Kevin Swope
    March 26, 2010

    This was a close call–I actually like the squares in the new logo–they look like little Triscuits!

    But I still think the box should have Cheerios-yellow in order for me to find it in the store. And I’m sick of the woodblock cutting board aesthetic–I like the old earthenware plate on the 1982. It’s like granite countertops–I liked them originally but now EVERYONE’s kitchen is either old or has granite (or ersatz-granite) countertops and the “professional” stainless steel appliances.

  2. Dorothy
    March 27, 2010

    I LOVE the sporty, friendly old font!!

  3. Tara
    March 29, 2010

    The old box also holds 13 oz, while the new is merely 9.5 oz.

  4. Melissa
    April 3, 2010

    This was the hardest decision for me to make out of all of the listings so far. I was drawn to the overall look of the old version, but the blue in the new version drew me in too. I like the variety of options one is presented with in triscuitry (I made that word up, yes) on the older box. It’s telling me, “hey… triscuits taste good alone, with cheese, with veggies!” the newer version is telling me “hey, yeah, um… hey… here is a cracker on a cutting board, oh yeah, with a slice of cheese ontop”

    The platter of the old version, with the fonts/colors of the new version would be a winner in my opinion. The cutting board on the new version has got to go, I am all in favor of a nice plate or a simple platter – the cutting board makes me think of salmonella poisoning for some reason.

  5. Kristen Potter
    April 10, 2010

    I like the newer version mostly because of the better color, the cheese looks more realistic and the triscuits even look like they could actually come from the box. The older one just seems too old-fashioned for me. Although I have to admit, I don’t get the whole “Whole Wheat” vs “Whole Grain” thing. Seems silly.

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