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I never really paid much attention to instant coffee brands, the only one that stuck out to me was Sanka.  But now that I’m looking at it, guess the Taster’s Choice package did make an imprint in the way back of my mind.
The image of this guy about to take the first taste of his choice rings a bell.  I think  it was a pretty good representation of what someone might look like who takes his coffee seriously (for instant).  You can also imagine what he’s thinking about.  It looks like it could be more than just coffee.  The jar allows  the consumer to see the actual product of “100% Freeze-Dried Coffee”, which is the only information on the label besides the product name.
So basically TC wanted just keep it short and sweet: This guy likes this freeze-dried coffee, it’s called Taster’s Choice,  you see what you’re getting.
The current package hides the product behind a fully covered container.  The human visual has been removed and replaced with an image of two coffee beans which suggest the item’s origin of having been a coffee bean.  It does mention “Instant Coffee” in very small print at the bottom, they want you to know more importantly it’s “GOURMET” and  a small “Roast Intensity” meter at the top left to let you know how strong it is.  And it’s from Nescafe.

Although the new packaging is sleek and has a convenient flip-top, I prefer the old packaging because of the human element (even though he could be seen as mildly creepy)and I like being able to see a product.  Anytime I can see something (without it compromising the quality of the product) I’d prefer to be able to.

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  1. Josie
    February 25, 2013

    I totally concur on the ’seeing the product’ thing.

    March 1, 2013

    The guy on the retro Taster’s Choice container actually sued Nestle! He found out over a decade later that they used one of the shots from a photo shoot he did. I’m almost positive the guy was awarded somewhere in the $15 million range!

  3. Allison
    November 17, 2013

    Believe it or not, the groovy vintage Taster’s Choice guy lived next door to my best friend in my hometown of Green Cove Springs, FL. Les Alford. He did some local modeling, advertising and VoiceOver work. He had a great deep strong voice. He was also a great actor in local theater. He was extremely personable, friendly and a good dad. I went to Clay High School with his son, Matt. I’ve moved away and don’t know what became of the Alford’s. This was his biggest job and I believe he got residuals from his image. When I noticed the packaging change, I bought a jar with Mr. Alford’s handsome half face and still have it, unopened, to this day.

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