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Smucker’s is known for their jam and jelly (and some ice cream toppings like Magic Shell)  but they also make peanut butter as well as a kind of gross PB and jelly Frankenstein product called Goober.  But they bring it back to basics with their natural product too.
The jar on the left is from a 1980 ad.  Of course I love the colors (brown and orange is always a winner to me!)  The label  covers the majority of the jar but leaves enough glass exposed to see the product.  The Smucker’s logo is presented in a small tag at the top of the label. The main text is all caps but nicely uniform and I like the alternating colors of orange-white-orange for above and below the lines.  It’s almost like the text “Peanut Butter” is sandwiched between the goodness of the words “Natural” and “Contains only peanuts and salt”.
There is no indication on the label whether this is creamy or crunchy but it appears smooth and it may have only been offered as creamy in 1980 or the label has been muted for magazine ad purposes.

The new jar has less label but  more going on in it. The Smucker’s tag is larger and more noticeable. The main text is now inside a round shaded area.  Inside the shaded circle, they’ve added a drawing of peanuts and I thought it’s interesting that the word “Natural” is the largest and most noticeable text on the label while “Peanut  Butter” is so thin and neutral colored that it’s almost unnoticeable.  Something besides the main text that stands out is the blue banner at the bottom that indicates “Creamy”.  On either side of the shaded circle there is all sorts of text regarding nutritional information, you have to stir it because oil settles on the top etc..  Although it’s not front and center like on the old label, you will find that the ingredients are still peanut and salt.

I don’t have anything against the new label but just for the simplicity and especially the colors, I really like the old one.

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  1. Mel
    November 10, 2010

    I totally agree with you – the older label is way better! It has that “hippie” vibe to it, like anything “natural” did back then, when it was almost quaint to like anything UNprocessed. :D

  2. Anonymous
    November 11, 2010

    I like the older label too! I’ve bought this product before. Many of the natural peanut butters are quite good but after you’ve finished stirring the oil and everything up, you’d almost rather go back to the regular peanut butter.

  3. Paul Duca
    December 26, 2010

    Presumably Smucker’s Natural is the company’s premium product, while serving the mass market with…Jif.
    (the company acquired it, along with the Crisco and Folgers lines from Proctor & Gamble)

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