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As I’ve been looking through old magazines I’ve noticed there are so many shampoo ads.  I’ll have to take note if magazines now still have so many shampoo ads.  I know there’s a lot of shampoo on the shelves in the stores but  it seems like there are just more varieties of the same brand.  Maybe not, but it seems like it.

The Silkience on the left has a kind of brown/grey background color with white printing. There’s a white line that divides the bottle vertically. To the right is the information of  what the shampoo does and to the left is the title in large cursive font that takes up most of that side of the bottle. The title is pretty much the design of the bottle and what makes it so recognizable and easy to identify in the sea of shampoo bottles that can be found on the store shelves.  Between the neutral color and classy font, it looks elegant and like something you might trust using on your hair.

The new bottle has a white background and a sticker as a label, instead of being printed on the bottle, which is a trend I’ve noticed with some new packaging.  The new label has the title on top and using a very plain text that pretty much matches the rest of the text on the bottle.  The word Moisturizing is just as large as the title and actually seems to stand out more.  They’ve also added a brown kind of fluidy/wavy graphic.  The whole layout and design seems like a hillbilly cousin of the orgiona lbut  what really cheapens the bottle is the bright exclamation of this being a 20 oz value size.  The whole thing just doesn’t seem as luxurious of a product as it once was (and probably isn’t).

Silkience: Old or New?

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  1. Kevin Swope
    June 9, 2010

    The old printed on the bottle technique was a specialty of Dennison & its survivor company that went under last year–I wonder if there’s a connection?

  2. Mel
    June 9, 2010

    I loved that old bottle – it’s a tad on the shimmery side too, and I have brown hair, so the packaging worked. Alas, my mom never got it because it was too expensive back then, but I always wanted to try it.

    To me, the new bottle just makes it look like another cheap “White Rain”-type shampoo brand.

  3. Joshua
    June 9, 2010

    You here me??? I finally decided to vote for the old one!!!!! As if that was a miracle. :-|

  4. Joshua
    June 9, 2010

    Oh, and when’s the next “Nothing Compares to You” post coming?? :-/

  5. Mint
    June 10, 2010

    I definitely prefer the old design, I hate this new “rounded bottle” trend, they’re difficult to hold on to, so I always drop them on the floor, and the lid-flaps always break off. Also, in many cases you can’t get the lid all the way off so it’s impossible to empty the bottle out completely. It’s an annoying trend that I hope goes away soon as I have dropped too many bottles of shampoo and lotion on my foot!

  6. Eddie R
    June 13, 2010

    You can find Silkience at the Dollar Tree!

  7. Jennifer
    June 17, 2010

    The bottle changed so much that I never realized that this was the same product. Seeing that old bottle just brought back so many memories!

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