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I must have bought Secret at some time. I’m not really loyal to any particular deodorant/anti-persperant so whatever is on sale will do.

The Secret on the left is from a 1986 ad.  It’s a medium-blue cylinder shaped container with all of the text and design almost totally on the top half of the composition. The title text is pretty plain, although it does have an element of design and looks soft and ladylike.  The word “solid” below it is more plain.  The flower above it it is made of stylised petals outlined in silver, as is the rectangle that houses the title text.

The new container is more oval shaped and a lighter blue.  The design take up more of the space with similar flower petals but turned to the side they have a more freehand style and are not colored in.  Instead of being placed on top of the title, it’s mostly part of the background.  The title text is now is a more script-like style.  Also,
the word “solid” has been made much smaller and moved to the top.

Both look good but I like the colored in flower petals and silver outline on the old package.  Somehow it makes it seem a little more special.  I do like the the new stick’s shape though.

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  1. Joshua
    May 28, 2010

    I see that for once you didn’t side with the old logo. O_o

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