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I loved using this stuff when I was a teenager. I don’t think it did any favors for my skin but I loved the smell of it. I really liked the label too. As shown on the left (circa 1981), the label is very simple. Almost split all the way down the middle, a soft-toned blue stripe provides the background for the minimalist triangle sails of the marushka-like sailboats. I don’t know font they used but I like how even though it’s all capital letters, the text doesn’t look like it’s shouting. It also fits nicely in a Tetris kind of way next to and underneath the sails.

The current version has a tapered bottle with more information printed on the front. I guess they’ve added a category called “Actives” and there’s a small listing of what formula it is and what it does. There is still a blue background with sails but with a few changes. The background uses a blue gradient and the sails are rounded and slanted. All of that is now behind the text which has changed to a less contained font that the “S” and “R” reach over and around some of the other letters. Also a red ribbon reading “Refreshingly Clean” is at the very top.
I think the logo and the text are just okay and for some reason I just don’t like tapered containers). To me, the simplicity of the graphics and text and the non-tapered bottle of the old Sea Breeze is perfect.

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  1. Melissa
    April 3, 2010

    The old version is awesome. Actually, this is rather sad – my mom still has several bottles of the old version – ha ha ha. I had no idea the packaging didn’t still look like that. Just going on visuals, I’d be more apt to gravitate towards the clean lines of the older version if I saw it on the shelf. It looks… classy? The cluttered newer version would have me feeling like “this stuff is so cluttered, what is it going to do to my face?!?!?” the “classy” older version looks… rich… like “ooh la la, this bottle is so svelte, the stuff inside is going to make my face look like a million bucks!”

  2. Kristen Potter
    April 10, 2010

    I prefer tapered bottles but the older version does have class. I’m still going with the newer one because of all the information they have on the front. I want to know what the product has in store for me when I am thinking about buying it, and there’s not better way of doing that than making the front useful.

  3. Officer Shitwyck
    October 4, 2014

    The new version looks better, except one thing: They’ve managed to turn the name into a jumbled mess that makes it hard to quickly identify the product by name. That’s a marketing no-no. Just for that I have to choose the old version. I could see it on a shelf and know what I am buying. The new, not so much.

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