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Noxema was always in the medicine cabinet when I was growing up, not just for cleaning faces, but for treating sunburns.  I don’t know if it really helps sunburns but my mom always used it for that.  I always found it to feel nice and cool on a sunburn for about 20 seconds and then it would seem to keep the heat in and become uncomfortable but it’s good for moisturizing.  I also love the instantly recognizable scent that only Nozexma has.

The Noxema on the left is from 1982.  I really like the three shades of blue used in the kind of demi-swirl that encompasses the title.  It’s not fancy and even though the colors are flat, the swirl adds an element of action.  The only text on the label, besides “Noxema” is “greaseless”, “medicated” and “skin cream”. 

The new container keeps a blue color theme but that’s pretty much the only thing that’s similar.  The title text is thinner, and I like it except for that x that looks like it has two overgrown arms.  The label has a sheen to it and in the background are circles that look like stylized bubbles(?).  The amount of text has increased to say what it is, what it does, what’s in it and that it’s the “same trusted formula”.  I thought it’s a teeny bit  interesting that if you care that it’s the same formula, then you’re already familiar with what it is and what it does (although not necessarily what’s in it).

To me the old Noxema is more pure, uncluttered and pleasant to look at and of course I’m a sucker for three shades of any color doing the same thing (lines, curves, waves etc…).  While the new container does have a fresh look to it, it’s a little too space-aged looking for me and the overly assertive arms of the X bothers me.

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  1. Dave
    May 3, 2010

    I never used this product, of course, but I remember it was heavily advertised on TV when I was very young in the late 60’s/early 70’s. As as result, I certainly remembered the classic Noxema package design, which was obviously still in use in 1982.

    The new one looks sort of nondescript by comparison.

  2. joanne
    May 4, 2010

    Noxzema- feel the burn! I could barely use it on my face and never dreamed of putting it on a sunburn. Yow! I remember feeling grown up when I used it (it was either my sister’s or my mom’s) then regretting it when my face started to feel like it was going to crack and fall off! I always liked the smell and still do.

  3. SZA
    December 28, 2010

    You can still find the ORIGINAL Noxema tub located in the medicine cabinets in countless bathrooms of grandmothers across America!

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