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I don’t buy a lot of cold cuts and I haven’t bought the pre-sliced, packaged kind in forever- or maybe ever (technically my parents bought it last time I probably ate them).   I forgot how cute the old Louis Rich logo was with the turkey.  The label is great, it uses flat colors and has a little image of rolled meat slices peaking out from under the 95% Fat Free oval.  The turkey is so cute.  It’s a simple line drawing, very round and fits in the circle above the name “Louis Rich”, which uses a bold but basic font.

The new package (there was no Turkey Ham I could find so I had to go with Turkey Bologna) has some major updates. Louis Rich has been bought by Oscar Mayer and has one of those weird relationships where the new owner still lets the old name on the package but you know you’re not getting the same old product.
Oscar’s logo takes the prime real estate of being front and center on the package.  The new and ugly (and turkeyless) Louis Rich logo is shrunk and tossed to the side.  Why bother?  It’s not re-assuring to me to see the LR logo on there at all, it’s just sad and unregognizable- and almost completely unnoticeable at all.
I will give props to the new package for the fact that’s it’s resealable. I remember back in the day the old packages stayed open once opened and the contents would then be transferred to plastic wrap.

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  1. Matthew
    December 2, 2017

    I loved the quality of Louis Rich best! It became almost impossible to find in the late 90s/early 2000s. Mid 2000s to the present it is no longer being manufactured.

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