La Choy Chicken Chow Mein

Thursday March 7thCanned goods, Food Category


“Chinese”, “food”, in a can- My sister used to eat this back in the 80’s as some messed up after-school snack.   I had a taste of it once and my blood pressure is sky-rocketing  just thinking about the gelatinous salt glob of what used to be vegetables and morsels of …meat.
Just as edible as the contents, the packing features what they call a “Bi-Pack” to separate the upstairs crap from the downstairs crap. I forget what was what or why it even matters to separate the two but apparently there’s something about it that would make someone think they’re “creating” a “meal” or what I don’t know but I’m not feeling too good right now.

The older package on the left is a little blurry because of the  printing in the magazine I found this in but besides that, the image of the “food” is not the most appealing but realistic. I do like the simplicity of the logo and the yellow ribbon that outlines the white area.  The dominating red color of the package is mildly reminiscent of the popular red color theme in some older Chinese restaurants.  The package doesn’t say a lot but I think maybe because there was really nothing else you needed to know?

The current package (because they’re STILL MAKING THIS in the year 2013) has changed to a blue background with a slightly more “oriental” looking font. I can’t really tell if the Chinese symbol used is the same as the old package.  The added information explains a little about the contents and even proclaims that it’s “Inspired by Traditional Asian Cuisine”.  I think an effort has been made to make the image of the contents is slightly more appealing but for people like me who know what’s lurking inside the can, it just doesn’t matter.

So going by the packaging itself the image of the product may look better on the new package but if  had to use one as a doorstop, I’d rather look at the design/layout/font of the old one.

La Choy Chicken Chow Mein: Old or New?

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  1. Janine Gerade
    March 7, 2013

    I think the red is more powerful and I like the old font better. It’s so crappy that you have to use a paintbrush style “Asian” font to get the point across. How lame!I am dying to know what that symbol means (inedible American crap) or something like that! lol

  2. Elaine Line
    March 7, 2013

    This was such an awesome post! I did use to eat that religiously as snack. Makes me laugh to think about it :-) I actually got it a few years ago (remembering that I used to love it) & realized how disgusting it is (& was). Thankfully my taste buds had matured since middle school :-) . As far as the package, I like the old school red.

  3. Nightdragon
    March 18, 2013

    Gelatinous salt blob — definitely a great description for this particular food product!

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