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Wednesday February 2ndPet food Category

We only had a dog for a year or so in 1979.  She was a Golden Retriever named Honey and ran away.  One night about a week later, she came back during a rain storm. My sister and I were so happy and then the next morning she ran away again, for good.  That’s the extent of my dog ownership so I don’t have much experience with buying dog food but I know what I like in packaging and this 1985 Fit & Trim bag is just awesome.
A green background with a nicely contrasting yellow font. The Purina checker board logo fits nicely anchored in the upper left corner. I love the cleverly designed title font that looks like measuring tape- so cute!   As if that’s not adorable enough the cartoon dog is running wearing a track suit. And if that’s not cute enough- look the expression on the dog’s face-he’s so into it,  total runner high going on there.

The new package is more sleek and does convey a feeling of fitness with it’s slim, beveled and drop-shadowed font and light colors.  There are actual images of the product and ingredients as well as a real dog and a seemingly slightly dis-proportioned owner in tow.  The dog is so fit that it’s walking right off the bag out of the little semi-circle of scenery. It’s okay, nothing overly outstanding and to me and is certainly no competition for the awesome font and adorable cartoon of the older package.

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  1. Mel
    February 2, 2011

    I’ll say it again – is the same company doing ALL packaging in the US? Everything looks the same! What’s with all the blue in EVERYTHING? Give the old package anyday. :D

  2. Johnathan
    February 9, 2011

    Just curious, do you EVER like the new package more?

  3. michelle
    February 9, 2011

    Occasionally, but not usually. In general, I like older packaging better.

  4. Annette
    February 13, 2011

    Geez, that new one is busy, busy, busy. Also I really hate beveled, drop-shadowed lettering. So I definitely choose the old one.

  5. Nightdragon
    May 1, 2011

    That cartoon dog is riding those endorphins alright!

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