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 I  liked life as a kid, it had sugar in it, so I’m not sure how it got in the house but – you know what, lets just cut to the chase and talk about how awesomely awesome the box on the left is.  Cereal package perfection.  All my favorite colors on one box! The font is perfectly simple and I love how instead of making the font smaller to fit in the space, they ever-so-gently overlapped the “e” onto the “f”,  and instead of looking smooshed, it looks like…art!
The cereal itself is pleasantly landscaped across the lower half of the box and while the plant kit offer takes away from the composition, it’s just a temporary offer and of course it’s nice to see Mikey enjoying his breakfast above that.

The new box has a blue bar at the top which has a little glowing going on behind the Quaker guy.  At the bottom of the blue bar is a shaded strip of shiny gold and it really divides the box and cuts the “canvas” that the title text has to work with.   Not to mention the blue doesn’t jive with the rest of the color scheme.  The title font gets points for the colors but the beveling, dropshadow and upward slant I don’t think qualify as an improvement to the old box. Like with the Shredded Wheat boxes, they’ve gone from displaying the cereal in a bowl to a single spoonful.  I don’t know who the girls on the box are (maybe Mikey’s daughters?) but I guess they look happy enough and are wearing colors that compliment the box.
I feel like the old box is so special and the new box is just okay.
Also, I’d like to thank Janetha for giving me permission to use the old Life box from her blog.

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  1. janetha
    April 8, 2010

    thanks! i voted for the old one. i love the old box! and i love that the old boxes of cinnamon toast crunch and cheerios and a couple other cereals are in stores now. have you seen them?

  2. Tasha
    April 8, 2010

    How about neither? Both boxes have a very retro look & it’s not in a good way. Packaging today is designed to “pop” & neither box has that.

  3. Heesa Phadie
    April 8, 2010

    My favorite cereal of ALL time!!! I love this stuff and if I had to eat one thing for the rest of my life this would be it.

  4. michelle
    April 8, 2010

    Hi Janetha,
    No I haven’t seen those but I’ll be checking the cereal isle for them. I like what Pepsi and Mountain Dew did with their retro packaging for their throwback cans and bottles (although they also had the mission of “retro” ingredients like cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup). It would be interesting to see cereal do the same as far as packaging.

  5. Elaine L.
    April 9, 2010

    I completely agree that the old box has it going on and the new one does not. I love how the name on the cereal box looks like art, too. Classic.

  6. joanne
    April 9, 2010

    I am a life-long lover of LIFE cereal and I don’t care for the new box. It is too…shiny. And why are the kids figured so prominently while the cereal seems like an afterthought? The cereal knows it, too. See how it seems to be trying to nudge the kids off the box? I don’t understand why they put people on cereal boxes, or any food packaging for that matter. I’m buying food, not a person!

  7. Kristen Potter
    April 10, 2010

    I appreciate the older box more than the new one myself in this instance. I’ve never really liked the newer boxes. I thought it was trying to imitate those Kellog boxes which usually has a kid or famous person on it. Never really understood the charm of it either. At least with the older Life box it really displayed what was in the box and made it look like a classic.

  8. Tasty Japan
    April 17, 2010

    I love the box, but who’s Mikey?

  9. Annette
    June 15, 2010

    That old Life box makes me so happy. It has everything I love about 80s packaging. It’s inviting and I love how it says “life” in nice big letters without looking like it’s yelling at you.

    The new one might be okay if they got rid of the blue “Quaker” band at the top, took the gloss off the “life”, and took the picture of the little girls off and showed us a whole bowl of cereal instead of one measly spoonful with milk splashing off it. I don’t get the “one spoonful” thing that a lot of cereal boxes are doing. It’s like, is that all you’re allowed to have now?

  10. Suds
    April 10, 2011

    I love the “plant kit” offer on the old box. Because as we all know, nothing gets kids more worked up than getting to write to the cereal company to send them a plant kit!

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