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Nothing Compares To You: Hydrox Doubles

June 21st

Finally I had lucked out.  My Dad, who kept what I call “pretend kosher”, would only let my sisters and I eat Hydrox and never Oreos.   (We also couldn’t eat Ritz crackers but could have Hi-Hos).  So when the awesomeness knows as Hydrox Doubles came out we felt like we were eating what normal kids ate.   [...]

Nothing compares to you: Dimension

April 29th

Sometimes I come across products that died before they had a chance to be around long enough for re-design.  I found enough of these gems to make a new category and will post them periodically.
I remember using Dimension in the 80’s, which is weird because Finesse usually dominated the shower (it had such an awesome scent). I’m not sure when Dimension [...]