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Phillips Bug-A-Way

January 4th

I don’t have any fond memories of Phillips bug-a-way bulbs.  I have some terrible memories of wishing my parents had bought bug-a-way bulbs.  There would be gangs of multi-legged forest creatures that would loiter at the front door on summer nights.  Moths that seemed to be the size of blue jays, kamikaze hard shelled bugs [...]


October 27th

I always thought Cheer was an interesting name for a laundry detergent. Why Cheer, you know?  But I guess the crew at Proctor and Gamble know what they’re doing since it’s been around I think since the 60’s.
The box on the left is from a 1980 ad.  It’s kind of a bold design that really [...]

Clorox 2

October 20th

Hi there.
The Clorox 2 boxon the left is from a 1977 ad.  I love the design because it’s like with so many older designsm it’s so basic but so straightforward.  It’s flat blue background and stark colors make it look like a poster you might find in a gallery (owned by me).  I like how [...]


July 19th

Bounce, I’ve noticed has gone through a few changes through the years.  I don’t know why I’ve even noticed, I don’t even buy it but it’s always been one of the most familiar fabric softening products on the shelves.
The box on the top is from a 1977 add I think it does a great job [...]

Love My Carpet

June 16th

I remember this stuff was a luxury that was rarely used in our house. Only for when company was coming over, and it depended what company.  I don’t think I’ve lived in a place that has had wall-to-wall carpeting since moving out of the house so I haven’t ad a need to use Love My Carpet but it’s [...]


June 6th

I don’t have kids so I’m not around diapers a lot, but when I came across this 1977 ad for Pampers I recognized this package right away.  My little sister was born in 1979, I was 5 years old and I remember thinking that was my sister on the box (she did look pretty similar) [...]

Ziploc Sandwich Bags

May 13th

When I was a kid I thought Ziploc was the Cadillac of sandwich bags, which meant we didn’t have them at our house.  We just had the kind of bags without any seal, just the top-fold that would often unleash the contents in my schoolbag before I even got off the bus in the morning.  One of the [...]


March 18th

I can’t imagine my parents buying brand-name toilet paper but they must have because I remember seeing the package with the lady rubbing cotton against her face in the hall closet when I was growing up.  I always wondered what was going on there and thought her hand looked a little like an alien claw.
The [...]


March 5th

I work at my town’s historical society and when I first started I noticed the air freshener in the bathroom was an artifact  itself.  I even asked if that was a joke because we’re a museum but amazingly NO ONE thought anything of having this ancient can of Glade!
I tried looking for a date on [...]