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Nothing compares to you: Dimension

April 29th

Sometimes I come across products that died before they had a chance to be around long enough for re-design.  I found enough of these gems to make a new category and will post them periodically.
I remember using Dimension in the 80’s, which is weird because Finesse usually dominated the shower (it had such an awesome scent). I’m not sure when Dimension [...]

Bain de Soliel

April 25th

The old Bain de Soliel on the left doesn’t have  a date on it but when I went to buy this (at my local living museum) the dust on it was black and the cashier said “I have to be honest with you, this has been out on the shelf for - I don’t even know [...]


April 22nd

I’ve always had a weird relationship with Buf-Puf.  I wanted to like it, but it even the gentle version was so rough on my skin -  I kept thinking it would change and not be so bad the next time but it always left my face red.  20 years later (this past week) I gave it another try [...]

Sea Breeze

March 15th

I loved using this stuff when I was a teenager. I don’t think it did any favors for my skin but I loved the smell of it. I really liked the label too. As shown on the left (circa 1981), the label is very simple. Almost split all the way down the middle, a soft-toned [...]

Head & Shoulders

March 13th

Head & Shoulders has come a long way from the way it looked in the 1986 ad on the left.   The long-necked bottle features a couple of bendy, tapering lines that divides the label between white and blue sections.  I don’t know if this design is supposed to be symbolic of something.  I was thinking maybe it’s abstract [...]

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