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October 26th

Nair, most commonly known (or at least used to be) for asking who wears short shorts, is something I tried once and left it alone after that.  I was always a little weirded out that you can roll on this glop, let it sit and it removes hair but doesn’t harm your skin?  Although, they [...]

St. Ives

May 27th

I always thought St. Ives was the cheapest, lowest quality skin care products.  I don’t know if they really are but I had that in my mind because we had it in our house.
This is a rare case of not liking the old package design at all.  I really can’t pinpoint why I don’t like [...]


May 18th

I have this box/tube of Brylcreem I bought at a 5 & dime last year.  There isn’t a date on the package but I did buy a really old Shine Free powder identical to the kind I used to get in 1985.  There were lots of items in there from the 70’s and 80’s and [...]


December 12th

I’ll start off with an apology for not posting in 12 days (where does the time go?) and also that this is a “rainy day”post. I need to find some “new” old material and had this Breck example saved for a rainy day (something I’d use if I didn’t have anything better already scanned) and [...]


June 9th

As I’ve been looking through old magazines I’ve noticed there are so many shampoo ads.  I’ll have to take note if magazines now still have so many shampoo ads.  I know there’s a lot of shampoo on the shelves in the stores but  it seems like there are just more varieties of the same brand.  Maybe [...]


June 3rd

I don’t think Prell ever made it into the shower that my sisters and I used. I believe it was in my parent’s bathroom though because I remember the shape of the bottle lingering in the shower and catching it out of the corner of my eye when I had a reason to use their bathroom.
So as I [...]


May 31st

I remember Aqua-fresh as the first toothpaste that came in a pump, whether it really was the first or not I’m not sure but it was the first one I remembered that did.  The top as is from 1982 and probably before it came in pump form because I feel like back then they would [...]


May 26th

I must have bought Secret at some time. I’m not really loyal to any particular deodorant/anti-persperant so whatever is on sale will do.
The Secret on the left is from a 1986 ad.  It’s a medium-blue cylinder shaped container with all of the text and design almost totally on the top half of the composition. The [...]

White Rain

May 17th

I remember the first time I used White Rain.  About 25 years ago I was vacationing at my most favorite place on the planet (Ashland, NH) and my parents picked up some White Rain at the local Shur-Fine.  That was the first time I saw this bottle and even back then I loved it.  
The mildly Bauhaus font is simple and embellished.  The [...]


May 3rd

Noxema was always in the medicine cabinet when I was growing up, not just for cleaning faces, but for treating sunburns.  I don’t know if it really helps sunburns but my mom always used it for that.  I always found it to feel nice and cool on a sunburn for about 20 seconds and then it would [...]

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