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Hershey’s Miniatures

November 1st

Happy Halloween!  I actually meant for this to be my post much earlier today and somehow here it is 8:00pm Halloween night, I’m watching Nightmare on Elm St. 3 (the best of the series) and not getting any trick-or-treaters because we live in a stupid neighborhood but anyway..
I thought posting about Hershey’s Miniatures would be [...]


July 8th

As I’ve mentioned before, Oreos were not allowed in our house  growing up and we just had Hydrox but when I was at friends’ houses they would always have Oreos so I got to experience them there.  In general I didn’t notice a huge difference in taste.  I’m not much of a black-cookie fan but I like them for a [...]


May 1st

I don’t get m&m’s very often but I was aware of some sort of change in bag design.  I know I’m probably in the minority but I don’t like the talking m&m guys.  They always sound and look stoned or something and I’m sick of them playing the same Christmas commercial every year where they and Santa don’t know each other exists.  [...]

Swiss Miss Pudding

March 9th

Somehow I missed out on Swiss Miss pudding as a kid.  We were all about the hot chocolate powder mix but I guess we weren’t big pudding eaters.
The top picture is from a 1982 ad.  First, I really like the colors, brown and red.  They seem so warm and inviting but it must be because until 1992 [...]