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June 14th

Kudos came out in 1986 and I’m not sure what the reason was that my parents never bought these but I vaguely remember my sister and I begging for them to buy some but we were denied.  Maybe they were considered too “candy” for my parents to buy, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was because they [...]

Cheez Whiz

May 7th

I think the only time I had Cheez Whiz was in Phlidelphia at Pat’s, because I heard pretty much everyone uses Cheez Whiz and on their Wiki page it says they do.  I remember it tasting okay but not amazing.  I can see how it would be convenient to just heat up in the microwave at home and [...]


March 26th

I love Triscuits, they’re such a great vehicle for any topping.  My husband eats these more than I do but since the box is around the house so much, I was happy to find a 1982 ad with the old design.  I forgot how different the package used to look.
Even thought the box on the [...]