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Count Chocula

February 14th

I won’t get into how my sisters and I weren’t allowed to eat “sugar cereal” again.  But these monster cereals were like…beyond even even beggin for.  Honestly I never even had any of these, Count, Boo, Frank…was there mummy or “beast” that was around for a while too?
Even though I’m an adult and can buy [...]


September 26th

I know it doesn’t seem like it, but I really miss this blog.  I always seem inspired to post when I can’t, like when I’m at work, driving, grocery shopping, etc..
So I’ll post whenever I can but anyway, I was going through some old files looking for something else and came across my stash of [...]

Cinnamon Life

April 8th

 I  liked life as a kid, it had sugar in it, so I’m not sure how it got in the house but – you know what, lets just cut to the chase and talk about how awesomely awesome the box on the left is.  Cereal package perfection.  All my favorite colors on one box! The font [...]

Shredded Wheat

March 16th

My sisters and I weren’t allowed to eat sugar (or as we called it, “normal”) cereal growing up so we always had a variety of “good for you” cereals, and Spoon Sized Shredded wheat was a standard in the pantry.
The box on the left (from a 1982 ad) uses up the space nicely.  The Nabisco logo [...]

Special K

February 28th

The example of Special K on the left is from a 1980 ad. I haven’t bought Special K in…I don’t think ever, so I was surprised that it seems like there now 20 versions of it. One of the many varieties included original, so I went with that.
Some of the changes I noticed were the [...]