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Breyers Yogurt

February 18th

I always thought it was Breyer’s not Breyers.  Hmm, I guess you learn something new everyday.  The package on the left is from a 1985 ad.  The font is typically more simple than the current. The name Breyers is on there twice, once in the leaf logo and f course in big red letters with a  crayon [...]

Tropicana Orange Juice

February 21st

I don’t drink OJ, I think it has to do something with me being an idiot in 3rd grade.  I needed an empty carton for a school project and forced down 3/4 of a container of Minute Maid down my throat for it.  Moments after I completed that feat, my mom walks in and said [...]

Count Chocula

February 14th

I won’t get into how my sisters and I weren’t allowed to eat “sugar cereal” again.  But these monster cereals were like…beyond even even beggin for.  Honestly I never even had any of these, Count, Boo, Frank…was there mummy or “beast” that was around for a while too?
Even though I’m an adult and can buy [...]

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

June 10th

Hands-down, one of my all time favorite cereals.  It also works well instead of rice krispies in the usual treat recipe.
I remember when CTC joined the cereal scene in 1985, I was in 5th grade and  it was actually “exciting”.
The poorly scanned box on the left is from a 1985 ad.  You can barely make [...]

Egg Beaters

December 1st

I found this 1986 ad for Egg Beaters and it brought back memories of my dad being really into these and always seeing a pack in the freezer and fridge.   I thought “That’s too bad they don’t come in that package anymore to compare” and wouldn’t you know it, they still do!  I don’t know [...]

Lender’s Bagels

March 10th

Growing up in a Jewish family, we always had bagels around.  Sometimes we’d get fresh bagels fresh at Eagerman’s Bakery but for some reason we always had a package of Lender’s in the freezer. It’s weird, because they were pretty blah bagels as I remember.  We knew what good bagels should be like but due [...]