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Phillips Bug-A-Way

January 4th

I don’t have any fond memories of Phillips bug-a-way bulbs.  I have some terrible memories of wishing my parents had bought bug-a-way bulbs.  There would be gangs of multi-legged forest creatures that would loiter at the front door on summer nights.  Moths that seemed to be the size of blue jays, kamikaze hard shelled bugs [...]


July 13th

Does it get any cuter than stylized faceless babies? No, of course not!  Even as a kid I remember really liking the Luvs logo.  It’s just so simple, like a pedestrian crossing sign or a bathroom gender indicator.  Minimal design with easily recognizable message.    I do find it a little curious that just the “L” [...]


April 12th

Here we have one of the greatest crimes in package redesign.  What was more recognizable than the L’eggs Egg?  I remember being a little kid and wondering what was in these oddly shaped packages, and then finally being grown up enough to buy an egg of my own because I had a Bar Mitzvah to [...]