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Tasters Choices

February 25th

I never really paid much attention to instant coffee brands, the only one that stuck out to me was Sanka.  But now that I’m looking at it, guess the Taster’s Choice package did make an imprint in the way back of my mind.
The image of this guy about to take the first taste of his [...]

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa

February 11th

I was walking through Target today and saw that Swiss Miss has a new limited edition package for some reason.  I thought it was a nice observation on the almost-year anniversary of posting on here.
I like the old  box, not because of the presence of the actual Swiss Miss but the “Swiss” font and the little decorative images semi-bordering [...]

Tropicana Orange Juice

February 21st

I don’t drink OJ, I think it has to do something with me being an idiot in 3rd grade.  I needed an empty carton for a school project and forced down 3/4 of a container of Minute Maid down my throat for it.  Moments after I completed that feat, my mom walks in and said [...]

Diet Pepsi

May 25th

I’m don’t usually drink soda but I’ve always ad a fondness for Pepsi.  To make a long story short, my sister and I would help out in my dad’s auto part store from 1978-1983 and there was a soda machine with Pepsi products that you’d slide the cans out yourself, which we of course to [...]


January 21st

I remember we had a Veryfine vending machine just like the one on the left in our middle school cafeteria.  I usually got the apple juice but sometimes got the fruit punch. I LOVED their package design- SO incredibly simple and minimal but extremely recognizable.  Match that up with the oh-so-pleasant font and they had [...]


June 29th

I used to love sprite then somehow we’ve lost touch through the years.  I try it once in a while but it’s just not as enjoyable as remember.  Maybe it’s the whole corn syrup thing.  But I do remember what it tasted like so many years ago.  I usually got it at the skating rink [...]

Crystal Light

May 10th

I guess I haven’t bought Crystal Light in a while because I didn’t realise it changed from the 1986 image on the left.  I have to say I don’t keep up on powdered drinks because they always taste like powder and seems to be too tart.  Although, since it’s been so long, maybe  powder drink technology [...]


April 26th

I always pause for a few seconds after seeing this on the store shelf and think “Really?  This is a real product?”  I know there is a whole big world out there and just because I wouldn’t think clam and tomato juice in the same bottle wouldn’t taste good, doesn’t mean there’s anything weird about it.  But…really?
I will admit since [...]

Minute Maid Frozen Orange Juice

March 21st

I found this 1981 ad for Minute Maid orange juice and when I went to the store to get a current version, I was amused at how many different varieties of OJ there are now.  Minute Maid has 11 types, I can understand a pulp and no-pulp offering but it’s crazy how they have Heart Wise, Multi-Vitamin, [...]

General Foods International Coffee

March 3rd

I’m not sure if General Foods was the first to invent instant flavored “coffee beverage” mixes but I’ve always enjoyed their work.  Unfortunately, they discontinued their best flavors: Double Dutch Chocolate and Kahlua Cafe.  I had celebrated the moments of my life with those flavors all through high school and it’s a crime they’re no [...]