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I’ve always had a weird relationship with Buf-Puf.  I wanted to like it, but it even the gentle version was so rough on my skin -  I kept thinking it would change and not be so bad the next time but it always left my face red.  20 years later (this past week) I gave it another try since I had to buy it for this blog.  I was having dinner with my mom and she said “Your face looks so red – were you outside?”  I just said yes.  Buf-Puf and I will never work things out.
BUT, I always did like the packaging.  I love the title font, it really makes the package.  The roundness of the font is puffy like the product inside and the upward slant makes it’s kind of sporty looking.   I also think they did such a great job on the whole composition.  The colors work so nicely together and with all of  the angled text (and window),  along with the curve of the Buf-Puf visible through the window, it looks like something worthy of hanging on a wall (if you like that sort of thing, which I do).

The new Buf-Puf  replaces the flat-colored background with a mostly white canvas.  The color theme is mildly similar but a lot lighter and fresher looking.  The “Buf-Puf” title is a much smaller, not as fun font and seems to compete for attention with the out-of-focus, stylized flower graphic on the left.  The rectangle cut-out is kind of blah-looking  in comparison to the slanted, rounded and outlined window on the old package.

I think the new package works well for looking more light and feminine, but the older one is something that I’d recognize more easily on the store shelf  and like I said the whole thing is just so awesome, it’s impossible not to love.

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