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I remember Aqua-fresh as the first toothpaste that came in a pump, whether it really was the first or not I’m not sure but it was the first one I remembered that did.  The top as is from 1982 and probably before it came in pump form because I feel like back then they would have loved to have shown that off.

The old package features a kind of seafoamy background with a toothbrush with the tri-colored toothpaste on the bristles.  The title text is a dark, conservative font that is kind of blocky and takes up most of the space and makes the name clearly recognizable from the store shelves.

The new package uses brighter colors and the color red has more of a presence.  They’ve decided to lose the toothbrush image and just use a little blurb of toothpaste.  The title text is a little smaller and not as blocky.  It also has a some sort f rays coming from behind it as well as an outer-glow and the subtraction of the dash between “Aqua” and “fresh”.

This is  tough one because I like the colors better on the new package and it does look more “fresh” but I like the font and the use of the toothbrush image on the old.  Also, I don’t have any particular feelings about this but when did toothpaste covers switch from little cap to a full-sized topper?

Aqua-fresh: Old or New?

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  1. Mel
    May 31, 2010

    I SO wanted my parents to buy Aquafresh, just once – but alas, we were Crest people. I just wanted to try the tri-colored stuff!

    I wonder if they went to a full cap because so many people were complaining about losing that tiny cap underneath disgustingly dirty (i.e. HAIR!) countertops? :D

  2. StratMan9000
    June 3, 2010

    New all the way! The old one just looks dirty. Maybe like old is before brushing your teeth, and new is after.

  3. rosla101
    November 3, 2010

    i think they went full topper so it can stand on the cap so the toothpaste will be at the cap. i have that new crest pro health is like that but the cap is attached so it wont fall off and you lose it

  4. rosla101
    November 3, 2010

    i like the colors on the old one bot i like the design of both the box and the tube on the new one

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