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I always thought it was Breyer’s not Breyers.  Hmm, I guess you learn something new everyday.  The package on the left is from a 1985 ad.  The font is typically more simple than the current. The name Breyers is on there twice, once in the leaf logo and f course in big red letters with a  crayon scribble underneath.  The cup also features a photo of a lone strawberry and in general looks a little generic.
The current package keeps the leaf  but it’s more dimensional  and the brand name is in a type of cursive font underneath it.  The cup features a black background and two strawberries.  It also mentions that this is lowfat.  I don’t think Breyers even offers flavored yogurt in full-fat.  I guess it’s more economical, but they lost the lid. I like to have the option to re-close things or re-use the package for something else, but ok, that’s cool.

While I like the simplicity and lid on the old package, I think the new package looks more eye-catching and still manages not to look too busy.

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  1. Mel
    February 25, 2013

    I am going to break with tradition and actually vote “new” this time! It’s a rare package that makes me vote “new” compared to its old counterpart, but I am SO not a fan of that very ’80s crayon scribble on the old container. *shudder*

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