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Hershey’s Cocoa

December 28th

I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately and came across a few recipes with cocoa powder.  For the first time in a long time I bought some unsweetened cocoa powder.  I  knew I had an image of an older package somewhere – and there it its right above these words!
I remember my mom had [...]


December 12th

I’ll start off with an apology for not posting in 12 days (where does the time go?) and also that this is a “rainy day”post. I need to find some “new” old material and had this Breck example saved for a rainy day (something I’d use if I didn’t have anything better already scanned) and [...]

Egg Beaters

December 1st

I found this 1986 ad for Egg Beaters and it brought back memories of my dad being really into these and always seeing a pack in the freezer and fridge.   I thought “That’s too bad they don’t come in that package anymore to compare” and wouldn’t you know it, they still do!  I don’t know [...]