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Franco-American Gravy

November 28th

I’m sure we’ve all seen enough gravy in the past few days but I found this Franco-American gravy ad and had kept this jar of gravy in my cupboard just because it is now the only product that bears the name “Franco-American”.   Campbell’s, which has owned F-A since 1915 started taking over the labels of [...]

Louis Rich

November 24th

I don’t buy a lot of cold cuts and I haven’t bought the pre-sliced, packaged kind in forever- or maybe ever (technically my parents bought it last time I probably ate them).   I forgot how cute the old Louis Rich logo was with the turkey.  The label is great, it uses flat colors and has [...]

Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter

November 10th

Smucker’s is known for their jam and jelly (and some ice cream toppings like Magic Shell)  but they also make peanut butter as well as a kind of gross PB and jelly Frankenstein product called Goober.  But they bring it back to basics with their natural product too.
The jar on the left is from a [...]

Libby’s Pumpkin

November 3rd

Happy November!   I love anything with pumpkin in it so there’s always plenty o’ canned pumpkin in my cupboards for when I feel like baking something.  Oddly I’ve never made pumpkin pie, the closest I got was pumpkin cheesecake but if anyone is looking for awesome pumpkin recipes let me know, I made these killer [...]

Hershey’s Miniatures

November 1st

Happy Halloween!  I actually meant for this to be my post much earlier today and somehow here it is 8:00pm Halloween night, I’m watching Nightmare on Elm St. 3 (the best of the series) and not getting any trick-or-treaters because we live in a stupid neighborhood but anyway..
I thought posting about Hershey’s Miniatures would be [...]