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October 27th

I always thought Cheer was an interesting name for a laundry detergent. Why Cheer, you know?  But I guess the crew at Proctor and Gamble know what they’re doing since it’s been around I think since the 60’s.
The box on the left is from a 1980 ad.  It’s kind of a bold design that really [...]

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

October 25th

I’ve never had ICBINB.  I’m either a butter or Smart Balance girl, but I thought their old commercials with Fabio were pretty funny, not hilarious but enough to induce a chuckle.
The old box has a flat yellow background with a thick red stripe on the right to showcase the product’s serving suggestion and information like [...]

Clorox 2

October 20th

Hi there.
The Clorox 2 boxon the left is from a 1977 ad.  I love the design because it’s like with so many older designsm it’s so basic but so straightforward.  It’s flat blue background and stark colors make it look like a poster you might find in a gallery (owned by me).  I like how [...]