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Burger King

July 20th

Sometimes it’s not a whole package, but just a logo I find and it really sums up the product anyway.   The Burger King logo on the left is a little grainy but that’s what I had to work with from this 1983 ad for their exciting new  salad bar (and I really hope I’m not the only one who [...]


July 19th

Bounce, I’ve noticed has gone through a few changes through the years.  I don’t know why I’ve even noticed, I don’t even buy it but it’s always been one of the most familiar fabric softening products on the shelves.
The box on the top is from a 1977 add I think it does a great job [...]


July 13th

Does it get any cuter than stylized faceless babies? No, of course not!  Even as a kid I remember really liking the Luvs logo.  It’s just so simple, like a pedestrian crossing sign or a bathroom gender indicator.  Minimal design with easily recognizable message.    I do find it a little curious that just the “L” [...]


July 8th

As I’ve mentioned before, Oreos were not allowed in our house  growing up and we just had Hydrox but when I was at friends’ houses they would always have Oreos so I got to experience them there.  In general I didn’t notice a huge difference in taste.  I’m not much of a black-cookie fan but I like them for a [...]