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June 29th

I used to love sprite then somehow we’ve lost touch through the years.  I try it once in a while but it’s just not as enjoyable as remember.  Maybe it’s the whole corn syrup thing.  But I do remember what it tasted like so many years ago.  I usually got it at the skating rink [...]

Hamburger Helper

June 25th

I can honestly say that I’ve never had Hamburger Helper. I almost feel like it’s too late to start trying it now because it seems like something that should be experienced as a kid but I guess that’s just because that’s when I first became aware of it.  I was very familiar with their commercials [...]

Nothing Compares To You: Hydrox Doubles

June 21st

Finally I had lucked out.  My Dad, who kept what I call “pretend kosher”, would only let my sisters and I eat Hydrox and never Oreos.   (We also couldn’t eat Ritz crackers but could have Hi-Hos).  So when the awesomeness knows as Hydrox Doubles came out we felt like we were eating what normal kids ate.   [...]

Love My Carpet

June 16th

I remember this stuff was a luxury that was rarely used in our house. Only for when company was coming over, and it depended what company.  I don’t think I’ve lived in a place that has had wall-to-wall carpeting since moving out of the house so I haven’t ad a need to use Love My Carpet but it’s [...]


June 14th

Kudos came out in 1986 and I’m not sure what the reason was that my parents never bought these but I vaguely remember my sister and I begging for them to buy some but we were denied.  Maybe they were considered too “candy” for my parents to buy, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it was because they [...]


June 9th

As I’ve been looking through old magazines I’ve noticed there are so many shampoo ads.  I’ll have to take note if magazines now still have so many shampoo ads.  I know there’s a lot of shampoo on the shelves in the stores but  it seems like there are just more varieties of the same brand.  Maybe [...]


June 6th

I don’t have kids so I’m not around diapers a lot, but when I came across this 1977 ad for Pampers I recognized this package right away.  My little sister was born in 1979, I was 5 years old and I remember thinking that was my sister on the box (she did look pretty similar) [...]


June 3rd

I don’t think Prell ever made it into the shower that my sisters and I used. I believe it was in my parent’s bathroom though because I remember the shape of the bottle lingering in the shower and catching it out of the corner of my eye when I had a reason to use their bathroom.
So as I [...]