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May 31st

I remember Aqua-fresh as the first toothpaste that came in a pump, whether it really was the first or not I’m not sure but it was the first one I remembered that did.  The top as is from 1982 and probably before it came in pump form because I feel like back then they would [...]


May 26th

I must have bought Secret at some time. I’m not really loyal to any particular deodorant/anti-persperant so whatever is on sale will do.
The Secret on the left is from a 1986 ad.  It’s a medium-blue cylinder shaped container with all of the text and design almost totally on the top half of the composition. The [...]

Marie’s Dressing

May 20th

Marie’s must have discontinued their Sour Cream and Dill dressing because I haven’t seen it in a while, but let me tell you, it was delicious.  I don’t know why they always discontinue good stuff.  I recently found an ad for one of my all-time favorite products ever and wonder how something so awesome gets the axe but… [...]

White Rain

May 17th

I remember the first time I used White Rain.  About 25 years ago I was vacationing at my most favorite place on the planet (Ashland, NH) and my parents picked up some White Rain at the local Shur-Fine.  That was the first time I saw this bottle and even back then I loved it.  
The mildly Bauhaus font is simple and embellished.  The [...]

Ziploc Sandwich Bags

May 13th

When I was a kid I thought Ziploc was the Cadillac of sandwich bags, which meant we didn’t have them at our house.  We just had the kind of bags without any seal, just the top-fold that would often unleash the contents in my schoolbag before I even got off the bus in the morning.  One of the [...]

Crystal Light

May 10th

I guess I haven’t bought Crystal Light in a while because I didn’t realise it changed from the 1986 image on the left.  I have to say I don’t keep up on powdered drinks because they always taste like powder and seems to be too tart.  Although, since it’s been so long, maybe  powder drink technology [...]

Cheez Whiz

May 7th

I think the only time I had Cheez Whiz was in Phlidelphia at Pat’s, because I heard pretty much everyone uses Cheez Whiz and on their Wiki page it says they do.  I remember it tasting okay but not amazing.  I can see how it would be convenient to just heat up in the microwave at home and [...]


May 3rd

Noxema was always in the medicine cabinet when I was growing up, not just for cleaning faces, but for treating sunburns.  I don’t know if it really helps sunburns but my mom always used it for that.  I always found it to feel nice and cool on a sunburn for about 20 seconds and then it would [...]


May 1st

I don’t get m&m’s very often but I was aware of some sort of change in bag design.  I know I’m probably in the minority but I don’t like the talking m&m guys.  They always sound and look stoned or something and I’m sick of them playing the same Christmas commercial every year where they and Santa don’t know each other exists.  [...]