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Nothing compares to you: Dimension

April 29th

Sometimes I come across products that died before they had a chance to be around long enough for re-design.  I found enough of these gems to make a new category and will post them periodically.
I remember using Dimension in the 80’s, which is weird because Finesse usually dominated the shower (it had such an awesome scent). I’m not sure when Dimension [...]


April 26th

I always pause for a few seconds after seeing this on the store shelf and think “Really?  This is a real product?”  I know there is a whole big world out there and just because I wouldn’t think clam and tomato juice in the same bottle wouldn’t taste good, doesn’t mean there’s anything weird about it.  But…really?
I will admit since [...]

Bain de Soliel

April 25th

The old Bain de Soliel on the left doesn’t have  a date on it but when I went to buy this (at my local living museum) the dust on it was black and the cashier said “I have to be honest with you, this has been out on the shelf for - I don’t even know [...]


April 22nd

I’ve always had a weird relationship with Buf-Puf.  I wanted to like it, but it even the gentle version was so rough on my skin -  I kept thinking it would change and not be so bad the next time but it always left my face red.  20 years later (this past week) I gave it another try [...]

Seven Seas Viva Italian!

April 20th

I mentioned Seven Seas in another post because we used to get “Buttermilk Ranch!” and I clearly remember the exclamation  mark.  I thought it was appropriate because it was so awesome.   I also remember having “Viva Italian!” in the house because of the shaker top, which was pretty exciting for us kids at the time.
The [...]

Crescent Rolls

April 16th

Who doesn’t love crescent rolls?  I actually never made them as straight-up crescent rolls, just as dough for knishes for baked brie or something but it’s so convenient.  Too bad one of the top ingredients is partially-hydrogenated oil – but I guess that just comes with buying convenience food products.
  The top photo is from a 1980 ad.  What [...]


April 12th

Here we have one of the greatest crimes in package redesign.  What was more recognizable than the L’eggs Egg?  I remember being a little kid and wondering what was in these oddly shaped packages, and then finally being grown up enough to buy an egg of my own because I had a Bar Mitzvah to [...]

Cinnamon Life

April 8th

 I  liked life as a kid, it had sugar in it, so I’m not sure how it got in the house but – you know what, lets just cut to the chase and talk about how awesomely awesome the box on the left is.  Cereal package perfection.  All my favorite colors on one box! The font [...]

Magic Shell

April 6th

This was such a novelty when it first came out, I remember  my sister and I were 9 or 10 years old and we got such a kick out of this stuff.  Obviously the thrill wore off because it had been over 20 years since I had it again and that was only because I found a similar [...]

Miracle Whip

April 3rd

I’m a hard-core mayo girl.  Not that I eat it all the time (although I wish I could) but when I do, I go for the real deal.  Reduced fat or “lite” mayo just doesn’t taste the same and for the number of times I use it, which isn’t much, I figure it’s worth a few extra calories for [...]

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