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March 29th

It’s kind of gross, but my sisters and I loved Steak-umms and would make these as an after-school snack all the time.  No bun or anything,  just cooked in a pan with a little Lawry’s seasoned salt and voila – snack time! 
The top photo is from a 1983 ad.  I love it because it’s so [...]


March 26th

I love Triscuits, they’re such a great vehicle for any topping.  My husband eats these more than I do but since the box is around the house so much, I was happy to find a 1982 ad with the old design.  I forgot how different the package used to look.
Even thought the box on the [...]

Minute Maid Frozen Orange Juice

March 21st

I found this 1981 ad for Minute Maid orange juice and when I went to the store to get a current version, I was amused at how many different varieties of OJ there are now.  Minute Maid has 11 types, I can understand a pulp and no-pulp offering but it’s crazy how they have Heart Wise, Multi-Vitamin, [...]


March 18th

I can’t imagine my parents buying brand-name toilet paper but they must have because I remember seeing the package with the lady rubbing cotton against her face in the hall closet when I was growing up.  I always wondered what was going on there and thought her hand looked a little like an alien claw.
The [...]

Shredded Wheat

March 16th

My sisters and I weren’t allowed to eat sugar (or as we called it, “normal”) cereal growing up so we always had a variety of “good for you” cereals, and Spoon Sized Shredded wheat was a standard in the pantry.
The box on the left (from a 1982 ad) uses up the space nicely.  The Nabisco logo [...]

Sea Breeze

March 15th

I loved using this stuff when I was a teenager. I don’t think it did any favors for my skin but I loved the smell of it. I really liked the label too. As shown on the left (circa 1981), the label is very simple. Almost split all the way down the middle, a soft-toned [...]

Head & Shoulders

March 13th

Head & Shoulders has come a long way from the way it looked in the 1986 ad on the left.   The long-necked bottle features a couple of bendy, tapering lines that divides the label between white and blue sections.  I don’t know if this design is supposed to be symbolic of something.  I was thinking maybe it’s abstract [...]

Lender’s Bagels

March 10th

Growing up in a Jewish family, we always had bagels around.  Sometimes we’d get fresh bagels fresh at Eagerman’s Bakery but for some reason we always had a package of Lender’s in the freezer. It’s weird, because they were pretty blah bagels as I remember.  We knew what good bagels should be like but due [...]

Swiss Miss Pudding

March 9th

Somehow I missed out on Swiss Miss pudding as a kid.  We were all about the hot chocolate powder mix but I guess we weren’t big pudding eaters.
The top picture is from a 1982 ad.  First, I really like the colors, brown and red.  They seem so warm and inviting but it must be because until 1992 [...]


March 5th

I work at my town’s historical society and when I first started I noticed the air freshener in the bathroom was an artifact  itself.  I even asked if that was a joke because we’re a museum but amazingly NO ONE thought anything of having this ancient can of Glade!
I tried looking for a date on [...]

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